The Problem

Many people like to enjoy a cigarette or good cigar when they are out and about. But when you are jam packed into a concert crowd or pit, smoking can get extremely annoying for the people around you. It’s literally impossible to smoke a cigarette indoors and even outdoors you can piss a lot of people off when you light up near them.

The Answer – eCigs

Vaping and ecig products have become immensely popular over the last few years mainly due to the fact that you can smoke them almost anywhere, but also avoid the constant worry that you are disturbing the people around you. You could be shoulder to shoulder with people in the pit of a concert watching your favorite band and be free to light up as you please! It is literally one of the greatest inventions for the modern smoker and all of your friends will be jealous that you took the time to grab yourself a starter kit.


I literally was shoulder deep in the mosh pit of a heavy metal show, taking a few puffs, and throwing down again and again. No one cared, nothing smelled, and these never became damaged.

We have tried our hands with many of the most popular brands and the following list features our top picks.