ConcertEar.com is dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss, tinnitus, and ringing in the ears as a result of attending loud concerts. Many people do not understand the consequences of overexposure to high decibel sound waves.

Concertgoers and musicians who already have tinnitus and are looking for a solution to their problem can find answers on this site.  We can recommend strategies for selecting and using the correct ear plugs while attending a concert. There are also treatments or programs available that we can recommend in an effort to relieve the stress, anxiety, and sleepness nights associated with ringing in the ears.

If you have any questions please use the contact form found on this site.  We also have a resources page that can help you select the right products or treatments for tinnitus as a result of attending concerts.  Musicians in particular can benefit from an education on hearing loss and the need to protect hearing, especially at a young age.

how to choose the right ear plugs

Founded by Ryan Rodden, guitarist in the band Night Mission.