Are you looking for some great country concert outfits?

Then look no further because we have all of the bases covered and will give you some great ideas on what to wear.

Many of these items are essential and can even be purchased last minute in order to make your statement as a country music fan. We like to provide some easy tips on concert outfit ideas so that you can focus on having the most fun while tailgating and enjoying your favorite bands.

Let’s start with the basic country concert attire that ranges from cute to bold to aggressive.

All of these items can compliment a range of clothing styles and tastes so it’s best to combine this concert wear with something from your own wardrobe.

Women’s Country Concert Hat

If anything says country, it’s the classic Raffia Straw Cowboy Hat.

A true staple that also has the added benefit of protecting your face and neck from the blistering sun while you’re out grilling and enjoying some tailgate parties before the next big show in town.

It can work with nearly any outfit and adds that country flavor to just about anyone’s personality.

This item also works as a great birthday or holiday gift idea for that country music fanatic in the family! Make sure to grab one today and enjoy your next show in style, while making all of your friends jealous. 

country concert hat

Country Belle Boots

Now that we covered hats, let’s talk about another absolutely essential item for any country concert outfit – leather boots!

Talk about the ultimate cowgirl look, these rugged but stunning looking country boots will add some serious flare to almost any matching outfit.

Made with 100% leather and sporting that weathered/distressed look, you really can’t go wrong when you buy these. Mix and match hats, boots, belts, and jackets to create the look of a country diva.

Make sure you get the right size, as the fit needs to be comfortable for roaming the tailgate scene and dancing like a maniac when your favorite artist hits the stage.

country concert boots for women

Country Diva Boots

Another great style that adds an alternative flavor to the distressed leather boot look.

These are so iconic looking that it will instantly transform you into a dancing cowgirl. Fellas, if you are looking for the perfect gift idea for your wife or girlfriend who adores country music, then this is the perfect gift idea.

I’m sure you will be rewarded for taking action and making these your next buy! And girls, you know that jealousy will overcome all of your friends when you show up to the tailgate party rocking these.

country diva boots

More Concert Boots

concert boots for country girls

boots for country outfit


 Country Handbags & Purses

What girl can’t use a complementary handbag with her stunning country outfit?

That’s what we thought. If you’re smart about it, you can pair these up with nearly any country clothing style for a concert trip. They also make an outstanding gift idea for friends and family members.

Once you have the boots and hat secured, add a great handbag that you can carry with you to keep all of the essentials with you.

country handbag for concerts

country music purse


Another absolutely classic country outfit for a concert, the denim jacket is sure to bring out the spirit of the genre.

Another way to instantly add a look that will go very well with a range of other accessories, such as the right hat or boots.

The denim look has always been a popular choice with concertgoers for years, whether you’re going to a rock, country, or even heavy metal show.

It’s one of those few outfits that just embodies the idea of sex, drugs, and rock N’ roll!

If you’re going with your partner, the denim looks presents an opportunity to pair up and show that you are a couple that is born to roam the plains and relax on the lawn – while rocking out to your favorite band.

women's denim jacket for concerts

Attending a country concert in style is not an easy thing to do – only the most seasoned veterans will know what to wear for every occasion.

Make sure you pick up a few of these ideas and put them into use.

In order to get the country outfit look correct, the best attire will always be a cowboy or cowgirl hat, some nice weathered looking leather boots, and a few complementary items such as a denim jacket, belt buckles, purses, sunglasses, and more.

If you want some ideas on what to wear or bring to a concert in general, please visit our page on concert outfits and accessories.

And of course, if you are attending a loud concert event, make sure you take the time to protect your hearing.

If you plan on being up in the front row or pit area, you are going to want to bring along some concert hearing protection to prevent hearing loss, tinnitus, and ringing in the ears.

Trust me, when you get older, the last thing you want is to not be able to hear your favorite country songs!

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