Looking for some great ideas on what to wear to a rock concert? Look no further then the clothing and outfit ideas that we recommend on this page.

If you are a first time concert goer, then it can no doubt be somewhat troublesome trying to figure out how to fit in, or how to get that “look” that expresses who you are or what kind of music you like.

For the most part, we recommend wearing a band t-shirt, a classic look that also let’s everyone know what you’re about.

Popular Rock Band T-Shirts

Look, there are great bands and then there are legendary bands.

The all-time greats created timeless music that will live on forever. Many of them had some of the most influential guitar players, drummers, bassists, and vocalists of all time.

Grab a shirt that reflects your attitude. The following list are some absolute classic shirts for some of the greatest rock bands that ever roamed the Earth.

They also make a great gift idea to the rock or metal fanatic in the family.

pink floyd concert shirt

led zeppelin woman's singlet

guns n roses t shirt for concert

green day womens shirt

Women’s Black Booties

(if you’re bold)

If you are going for a sexy-as-hell look when heading to a rock concert, there are a few essential outfit ideas that will complete your overall look.

Standout at the tailgate scene or when sitting front row when you sport these black booties. Black leather, zippers, lace, or similar will no doubt give your sense of style a nice boost.

It’s fun to mix and match these with your favorite rock t-shirt or leather jacket.

Could be a bit dangerous when dancing the night away during a night out with your besties, but that’s what you signed up for, right? Not recommended for moshing or lots of movement!

rock concert black booties for women


Denim Jackets

Denim is easily one of the most universal clothing options you can wear to a rock concert, as it simply has attitude and complements a variety of outfits and styles.

One of the easiest things to do is take your favorite rock band shirt and throw a denim jacket over top and bam, you have your entire look in place.

If it’s a hot day out during the summer or a festival you may want to skip wearing a jacket, and simply stick with the t-shirt and jeans look.

Either way, this is a sure fire way to make a statement at the next show.

men's denim jacket for concertwomen's denim jacket for concerts

Aviator Sunglasses

If anything says Rock N’ Roll, it’s a sweet pair of aviator sunglasses.

Make sure you grab a quality pair because keeping the sun out of your eyes over the course of a long weekend is important if you want to be able to see your favorite band, especially from a distance.

These Oneill sunglasses are bad ass and will go nicely with your concert outfit. Long 3 day festivals with tailgating and wandering through fields can really wear you out, so make sure to protect your eyes from the sun and splurge on a nice pair of these bad boys.

They also make a smashing gift idea or stocking stuffer! But listen, you can also take some classic advice from ZZ Top and get yourself a pair of cheap sunglasses!

aviator sunglasses for a concert



Cheap Sunglasses

What more needs to be said?

cheap concert sunglasses

Colorful Concert Headband

Nothing says hard rock like a bunch of skulls on a head band.

If you are looking for an accessory that adds a bit of fire to your attire, then you have come to the right location my friend. No matter what type of rock show you go to, this look is sure to give you the strut that KISS sang about back when rock ruled the world. Wait a minute, rock still does rule the world.

Enhance your charisma when you roll up to the party rocking this awesome colorful rock concert outfit idea that is sure to turn heads…or should I say skulls.

colorful skull concert handband

Band Patches

If you are diehard fan, you’ll have a hard time keeping up with the best of the best.

Everyone knows that one guy or girl at a concert that has a leather jacket with about 50 band logo patches, a display of power and authority in the concert scene.

Listen, if you start now, you might be able to catch up and begin putting together a rock concert outfit that will standout in the crowd, something that’s not easy to do.

It could take years to assemble a bad ass looking leather concert jacket that barely has any room left on it for even the smallest of patches. Start now by jamming as many as you can on there and get ahead of the game. Here are a few choices to get you started.

metallica leather jacmetallica leather jacket sew patchket sew patch

aerosmith sew on patch

the beatles leather jacket sew on patch

At the end of the day, you want to show up looking your best with an outfit that matches your personality but also reveals a little bit about your musical taste.

The go to combination for rock concert clothing is always a band t-shirt, some denim and leather, and perhaps an accessory like aviator sunglasses or a cool headband.

If it’s a rock concert in the winter, then make sure you bundle up with jacket and maybe grab a band snow cap or beanie to help keep you warm.

And most important of all, if you are attending a loud rock concert (especially if you are in the pit) you are going to want to buy concert earplugs so that you can protect your hearing.

If you are a musician, they can easily be reused while playing a show.

There is literally nothing more important than your health, and being able to hear is something that you should cherish for life.

Be as smart as you can when out and about with friends and make sure to remain comfortable, healthy, and happy while enjoying your favorite bands.

All it takes is one dumb mistake and your ears could be ringing for days. You don’t want that! It can disturb your sleep and cause headaches that will drag on for quite some time.

Take our advice and when you’re done suiting up in your best rock concert outfit, throw in some musicians earplugs to complete your mission.

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